Arogance of power inside of us and our collapsing health. How it would go further ?


We have been recently witnesses of very cruel act of unhappy and seems to be unnoticed member of our Community .

One very unhappy and very likely mentally unstable and by available informations very sick man with a lot of strange diagnosis, ended by suicide in Ostrava City Faculty Hospital his life and took with himself also seven innocent fellow citizens.

Did it have to happen?

It´s not my goal to neither evaluate why it happened nor to critisize anybody and absolutelly not judge if someone underetimated something or if was that very likelly unhappy and suffering man sensitively heard and I mean by human approach , not just only proffessionally ( I have no doubt he was ) and with big part of compassion and understanding ( where there is almost no time in Doctors waiting room to do so ) fully understood and if what already happenned would happen or not , etc.

I am leaving it on your side to make your opinion about it ...

I can just say according my experience with my past visits of different Medical Institutions and I am talking about standard Doctor facilities and ending up with big Hospitals. None of them fulfilled my heart with hapiness and satisfaction.

As my story with f.e. not named pediatrician located nearby our home , who could not take us as her clients , just becouse she is full, or a Doctor from again not named hospital who felt offended , what kind of advise I need from him to my oncology problem , after all its just only reccured Cancer and its re-operation, who told that he is not there to give advice, but perform operations. 

Or another doctor from also not named hospital seriously asking me who gave me a right to challenge decision of College of Doctors , after telling me a diagnose of Cancer is back and remaining 3 month to live, if I do not have any education and no experience in medical field at all.

But we everybody feel, it is other way around ...

Where with a great honour , I have to say, that f.e. our former Pediatrician with big letter "P" , great and wise women ( with regret nowadays in pension ), she were perfect ambassador of a right medical craft with her holistic view to all medical problems , our kids loved her or great team of UVN Hospital in Prague - Střešovice, who after diagnosing my Cancer made surgery operation same day, with no-mistake result and no complications with reconvalescency , in a great and proffessional athmosphere .

As well as another no named Doctor punished by all for everything , who ran away from classic medicine and thanks to God opened my eyes and mind for My Journey towards Spontaneous remision, altogether hand by hand with my Soulmates ( I am writing about some of them in " My Favourite Authors" ).

All of these great Ones helped me invaluably in time of classic medicine did not want to release me from their " invisible chains " and kept me out of the way of healing both my Body , Mind and Soul , where in the end was Spontaneous remison , which till this moment none of Doctors neither understood nor give me any reasonable explanation what happened.

I am bit worry, that if they will not understand invisible line of healing Body-Mind-Soul and return to more that 2000 year old medicine, they have definitelly their zenith behind.

So, where is a problem ? 

I am fully convinced that hidden and by many of us misunderstood essence is to start again behave one man to another kindly, sharing together life on our unbelievable planet - Mother Earth, without her we literally can not Be, breathing together one Air and sharing mutual Space, we can name it as a Universe, where after understanding essense of truth that we are not devided from one another , but opposite we are and will be forever part of this amazing whole Complex, where is for each of everyone of us everything exactly as it has to be. 

Its not to look from above and overlook others , just becouse we have " white doctor´s coat ", which is in our overtechnical and materialism filled time part of undeniable paradigm , that this " white coat" is only solution to solve our problems with our deseases and pressumtion of succesfull healing.

Its just about to behave to another people with compassion and understanding , just becouse a man does not know when he could be in a same situation , desperate to get any help.

But in many cases " Arrogance of Power of white Doctors Coats " and their colleagues  with " White Collars " reached such a dramatical level , I am worry that case of Murder in Ostrava hospital will not be alone , but oposite it will very likely repeat , becouse unconscious despair and well managed manipulation of crowds reached such a level that my favourite " squirrel in the Drum " is on the edge of complete collapse of its organism.

And its not just under weight of different syptoms, diagnoses followed by different un-known deseases but altogether with effect of forcepses of mortgages and other miracle loans.

And yet solution is so easy

Just to stop, deeply breath in and breath out, to take your wife and kids around the shoulders and go together for a walk. 

Its about to realize hidden truth that a Man is creator of his own life and not its defendless victim.

And by this deep Self-awareness understand and put into daily life humility and for our health very important adherence of healthy diet as reducing toxins in our food, avoid any connection with toxic people and informations, we uncounsciously swallow everyday from TV, social media and strictly refuse all chemical ingredients incl. medical pills as a primary solution of our symptoms and condition of body we by mistake falsely name as a Desease.

And just to understand difficult truth to accept , that in our ego-saturated period of time we are the ones fully responsible for.

And neither do not want from our life more and more every day, nor to fight and compete with one to another as we hear this kind of dangerous manipulation from different kind of rigged Media and from cultures of multinational global companies eating our brain, mind and soul. 

Its just about to greet your colleague in your work with smile on your face, have a kind chat with client sitting in Doctors waiting room or ask our neighbour we do not speak with a centuries, if he do not need any help.

Or just to give our spare cloathes we have tons hanged in our cabinet for a years to someone in need or just to give a smile to people passing by and hand them over our energy.

Its all about to understand what hundreds years ago told one famous philosopher, that What a man hiding inside and sending out is returning to him as boomerang based on Law of Atraction , either in good or bad.

Than, by my unproffessional opinion one of ordinary man , who experienced only Spontaneous remision from Cancer in final stage , should not be possible to be witnesses  of such a tragedy as it happened in Ostrava Hospital.

If we realize all cosequences, will be better

And I do not like everything sound negative, its not fashionable in our age , I would like to say I am optimist, both in my relationship to my life which was turned upside down after Spontaneous remision, as well as I am sober optimist with my humble insight how our lifes gor further on our still beautifull planet - Mother Earth...

More and more people are searching for lost harmony of Body and Soul, where we are everybody slowly day by day understanding, that this harmony could not be found in materialism filled outer world .

More and more people are trying to re-set lost homeostasis in their devastated Bodies and give bit more spiritual stillness by daily troubles suffering Soul and Mind, which without necessary relax with drop down for sure.

Everyday I am meeting or communicating with mortally ill people, who are ready to do everything for their health, becouse classic Medicine fail and written them off and send them home to die, becouse have no solution for them. 

These people, lost to death , than by just opened discussion with someone " who was already there " ( you can name it as you want ) and seeing things from different angle , who with deep compassion and understanding listening them patiently without proffessional blindness Story of their Life , turning their Lifes upside down and cause that they are still here ( differently than prognosis of " so called " Proffessionals in that time powerless ) , having gigantic appetite to life , enjoy their lifes, be beneficial for others and happy again.

They wanna start to live new life again, not at expense of any other human being, be beneficial to all creatures, exactly as a man would like to live from its childhood.

Dear Health Seekers, allow me kindly in the end of my post with my deep humility and sober optimism in my heart to wish you Merry Christmas and honestly say, that I am day by day bigger optimist and believer in this group of people who understand , that healthy, content and happy life is neither buyable for million dollars , nor possible to win in a lottery , that is not about to fulfil our lifes by nonsense material crab or by other dangerous for our health substitutes we dring, eat, consume and unconsciously hoard up in our homes. Its possible to get it back by fully conscious understanding of essense of Life, that is just to " Live Here and Now ", to live our lifes filled by unconditional love, humility, understanding and compassion to all of our fellow travellers and all creatures. All underlined by our Merits of our lifes interwoven by non-repeatable everyday experiences just to Be together in our mutual , unbelievably varied hologram full of synchronicities we name as a healthy, content and meaningful life. 

And after that happened I am fully convinced and deeply believe , that such a Ostrava Hospital tragedy will never happen again.

Peace in Mind of all the dead

And unshakable faith for all of us, to understand that we already have everything  to live our dream life filled by harmony a strong health, on a best place for us to live , with best ever creatures - human beings, animals and all of unbelievable Nature , still obediently serving us .

Merry Christmas !

Bezpodmínečná láska , soucit a pochopení toho , že vše co k životu potřebujeme již máme , je tím vším potřebným k naplnění šťastného, spokojeného a harmonického života