Coronavirus bypasses nowadays World and how we are easily manipulated.


There were long time here in relative calm and piece, no scary epidemics, frightening disasters, so someone wise had to "develop" Coronavirus ...

There were one wise man who said - "keep the People in fear and you can easily manipulate them" .

And in addition all other real problems , we naturally had to solve , will be forgotten and  " swept under carpet ". You are remembering it from " Wag the Dog" movie , I like for its both content and timelessness.

But what I really do not want is to detract the impact of Coronavirus, infected people around the Globe and Coronavirus victims.

What I would like with my deep humility is just challenge people to wake up and use their common sense.

Clear parallel with deseases as chronical and incurrable ones 

As a lot of you already know my Story ,  I have walked through interesting period of my lifetime , unbelievable exciting Journey of complete recovery from returned and reccured Cancer , where classical medicine had no solution for me and after my complete recovery from Cancer even no reasonable scientic explanation whats happened.

Those who this instant and unbelievable remision wanted to describe in the past named it as a Spontaneous remision. Complete recovery from Cancer , without any treatments, any medicine and no doctors, as it happened in my case.

So what exactly is the parallel ?

This parellel for Spontaneous remision and in our case our protection from Coronavirus , rather the way not get infected by any virus or bacteria , is our perfectly working Imune , Endocrine and Nervous systems.

These very important and for classical medicine in many aspects still not explored systems ensure regulation and protection of our Body in time of any imune , psychological or physical atack , where after these attacks breaks out in many cases into what we name a Disease. 

On other words, man with perfectly working imune system in fact can not be infected by any bacteria or virus ( by the way we are living in harmony and symbiousis with millions of viruses in our body ). 

That means correctly working system never allows to desease expand in our Body , so we do not need to go to a Doctor, we do not need to eat any pills or drugs , as we are brainwashed and manipulated by different media on daily basis.

And you can imagine , what will say about this information the powerfull groups in pharmaceutical and food industry , connected by umbilical cord to our goverments and healthcare structures. 

So and what is this connection with incurrable desease and complete recovery from it ?

Its always same - strong and perfectly working Imune system.

Supported by the healthy lifestyle - healthy food, regular excersise or just breathing fresh air outside, which altogether will support our often exhausted Body, at the same time supported by on regular dasis cleasing of our Body ( I name it as DETOX of your Body ) , f.e. by any ways of fasting ( which started in middle of this week , for Christians , btw ). 

Unevitable necessity is also in harmony working nervous system, and its parts sympaticus and parasypaticus , on other word to keep low level of any stress in our Body , each of everyone of us has different,  related to our hasty lifestyle.

So, and we have another point of contact , which is inherently connected to our all illnesses and its Stress.

Excess of stress causing exhaustion of very important part of our endocrine system - Adrenal glands which support our body with hormons as Cortisol , where increased level of this hormone, excesivelly weaken our imune system as well as cause increased level of another hormon - Adrenalin , perfect in ancient times for fight with mammoth ( in a mode of " Fight or Flight " ) , but definitelly not in our times filled with everyday stress , we are engaged in.

Dear Friends, I apologize for my bit deeper explanation, which can bore some of you, but I wanted to clarify this simple parellel of nowadays exposed Coronavirus - its symptoms - following illnesses and our very effective defense of our Body to all these deseases including incurrable ones as a f.e. Cancer - and that is correctly working Imune system as I have personally experienced during my Spontaneous remision from Cancer.

So what to do except of mass psychosis and going crazy in the queues of Supermarkets ?

Just to think about in piece of your Mind about what weakens our Imune system and what is able to empower it.

Just stop think about stupid manipulation of scared crowds by Coronavirus and be focused on support of what will secure us from any virus and any desease.

So, it is corectly working Imune system , placed in our digestive tract, supported by healthy food, without any chemical ingredients ( preservatives and emulsifiers), plenty of fruits and vegetables , healthy fat food and necessery portion of Proteins - f.e. meat and fishes from farmers only.

And in any case to reduce as much as possible everywhere present poison - sugar , incl. alcohol and necessary exclusion of gluten , which is represented in almost every fast foods.

And if possible , to reduce level of stress in our organism by any of relaxation ways as a yoga, meditation, massage , supported by with what I name as continuous DETOX of our Soul , I am describing in other articles on this webside.

So than , there will be no space in your mind to think about nonsense and in many cases fake informations, f.e. as informations about Coronavirus .

It can by other way around ...

I personally all above mentioned tips and reccomendations in process of my Spontaneous remision from Cancer and still daily performing it more than two years. 

I am not watching TV, I do not listen politicians and I do not read any newspapers.

But I read a books daily, I run a lot, I am spending as much as possible time outside in our great nature , I am meeting the same way thinking people and I am spending almost all of my free time with my lovely wife and great kids, thanks to their support I could be here and I greatfull them for my new life.

I have never been visiting doctor more than two years , even not for so called control CT tumor scan, as many people asking me ( I do not not know why, if I am healthy ), after my refused second surgery and chemotherapy planned in 2018.

I haven´t been sick more than two years and do not eat any pills at all.

And with deep humility, I do not plan to go to a see Doctor in next couple of decades of my Life , becouse there is no reason to do so as well as I am absolutelly not ready to eat any of these dangerous chemical poisons we named as a medicine pills. 

And than , somehow with clarity of your intensions and stillness in your mind, with healthy approach to your Life , unselfish love to all your beloved ones, neighbours and in fact to all creatures living with us here on our Mother Earth, then all of these funny manipulations about Coronavirus is for you just nothing to care about. Becouse you know that this so called virus and all this turmoil surronding it is anything worth to even think about.  

And regarding me , 

in case of pritty chinese girl with Coronavirus kissing me somewhere , f.e. at the airport, 

I am really OK, becouse my perfect body with flawlessly working imune system will easily handle it.