[Breaking News] So it finally came. I'm starting to write my first book! Many of you guess what will be in it. The energy of healing from Cancer!


For more than a year, I had a strong inner feeling that I had to write a book. 

To put all that I have experienced in the process of Spontaneous Recovery from Cancer into our common Space.  

So that the energy of Spontaneous healing from Cancer and any other so-called incurable disease is available to everyone. 

It is here for all of us, even though (not all) we all feel it. 

My acquaintances and loved ones have long told me that I should write a book. A book about my authentic story of healing from Cancer. 

No drugs and no doctors. 

Only with my soulmate - my great wife by my side. 

To write a book about my story of a dreamer, an athlete, a self-mademan full of energy and then just an ego-saturated materialist who got a second chance in life.

 From whom? I will leave that to the discretion of each of you. 

But tell me how to just start? Who to direct it to? 

Me who barely wrote an essay in elementary school? 

Believe me, these questions chase (and of course dozens more) all beginner writers.

 It's a little different for me. 

I'm not a writer and I have no ambition to be one. 

I just want to help people trapped by today's paradigm in the terrible trap of (un) knowledge. Supported (unconsciously) by our brain and our 5 senses. 

I have long understood that our 5 senses will not lead us anywhere. At least not to true (immortal) knowledge. 

And so I rely on my sixth sense, my intuition more than on all our five glorified senses (smell, hearing, touch, sight, feeling). 

I am learning to read in a tangle of synchronicities that lead me and my "inner drummer" my new life.

Where? I don't know, but I really enjoy it. 

So maybe for some of you who may still be involved in that virtual game of our (un) real life, it may seem foolish or even daring what I have decided to do. 

Yes, it's an interesting challenge to write your first book. 

My drummer and a lot of synchronicity told me it was the right time.

 [Like my great friend from the USA, a good acquaintance from Germany asked me when I would finally write the book. And that they will help me with translations into English and German. Or maybe as if by chance a free 7-day course of one of my favorite publishers HayHouse, etc.] 

So when else than now? And what if my first book isn't according to my ideas? 

It doesn't matter. It would be "Book before Book". 

I essentially feel whatever it turns out, the message interwoven in the pages of this book will be eye-opening for many patients diagnosed with Cancer or another so-called (un) curable disease! 

And that's my only goal. 

Help people at their difficult crossroads in life. As it helped me. I got my new life, in my 47s as a gift. I still have a lot to pay for this great Space, which we call our Life. And so this first book of mine (of course I can't tell you) will be just another contribution of my new Self. To all of you who feel that the book could be useful to you.

And I forgot to say, I have already completed the first 4th days and the first about 25 pages of my new book It's a great feeling. 

A strange feeling of inner cleansing of the dark corners of my Soul. 

I wish you all to experience it. And if you'd like to follow my journey [day after day] as you write this first book of mine, you can check out my Blog about my new book, available to My Journey® members. 

Thank you in advance for your comments and suggestions! 

Pavel and My New Book®

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