After what time was it clear in the process of self-healing and visible to the naked eye that what you now call My Journey took and worked? Outline its basic points.


From the first moment I refused another complicated operation and drastic chemotherapy, I knew it would all be about hard daily work. 

Not only will My Journey be about hard cleansing - the Detox of my body (I rather like to use the term AIP - Auto Immune Protocol), but also about cleansing - the Detox of the Soul. 

I started cleansing my body and soul right at the beginning of 2018. 

For those who ask what "approximately" means Purification of Body and Soul (you will find out more in the section For you who want to know more), I have introduced a strictly healthy diet - completely stopped sugars, gluten, GMOs, dairy products, alcohol, significantly reduced coffee. 

I ran into a diet full of vegetables, fruits, strong broths, fish and meat, quality fats - all from farmers. 

The first results were seen after 2 months. 

After 3 months of Detox, I lost 15% of my weight to 74 Kg and then stayed at my current and stable 75 kg. 

He was completely drained, the skin on my face turned off, he bled and rejuvenated my face. 

I felt great. 

I started actively training and running again, I ran 130-150 km per month, which I still do today. I slept more, min. 7-8 hours a day. 

And most importantly, he spent more time with his family. 

After 6 months, I was on tests (at first my wife did not believe me that what is happening to me is even possible), which confirmed that I have a great body composition and vitality of a 30-year-old boy. 

And as one expert on stress relief and the functioning of our nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic functions) stated, my nervous system is "somehow strangely on vacation", with a minimal, almost immeasurable level of stress. 

That is, the answer to the question is 3-6 months of hard work. 

And then min. 12 months of daily routine, all getting to the level of habit. 

Persevere in your established daily rituals. 

Get everything into subconscious processes. 

After all - "the habit is an iron shirt". 

Or not, look below ... :-)?