[Acknowledgment!] Thank you to all 5,000 unique visitors to www.MyJourney.one (www.Mojecesta.org) in March 2021!


It's unbelievable where My Journey® and its mission have moved in a single year. Without any single advertisement, neither on our website nor in other media! 

And all with the sole aim of helping people at their difficult life crossroads. People paralyzed by the diagnosis of CANCER or another so-called incurable disease.  

My Journey® was created with the only goal, which became my life mission. 

And that is to help people. 

Just because I feel that way and it warms my Heart. 

And also because I got (from Life or "Those Magic Entity" which call everyone according to their Faith and Beliefs differently) a chance to live again and understand everything. 

It was not easy to give up all the so-called "wealth", expensive trinkets, tapping on the shoulders and (often) hypocritical flattery into my net by their ego trapped colleagues. 

It was not easy for many to become a "fool" who somehow mysteriously healed himself of end-stage Cancer (and still "just" helps people). 

On the contrary, I am very grateful to my new chance, my awakening from a bad dream in which I have lived and run my business for the last 25 years. 

And that is why with great humility and vigor (for those of you who know me) I am helping all who ask me to. 

I'm here for them. Because they need it. 

Because they need someone who knows they don't have to die of Cancer. 

They need someone who has experienced it on their own. 

They need someone who is not ashamed and shares his story with others. 

That's why these great people work on each other and making needed change in front of their beloved ones eyes. 

I would like to thank all these great people and also all 5,000 unique visitors to www.MyJourney.one (www.Mojecesta.org) in March 2021 from the bottom of my Heart. I take your interest as a great challenge for our next joint period. A period of change that is coming! 

Thank you very much again!

Happy Easter!

With Love and Light in Heart. 

Pavel and My Journey®