[Info] We respect the absolute rules of privacy and freedom of each of us - we change the communication platform (from WhatsUp to Signal and Telegram)


Are you watching what's happening around us lately? 

Our freedom, both personal and the freedom of our undisturbed and "uncluttered" communication, is being lost. 

That's why I decided (without much thought) to change our communication platform.

 From 1.2.2021 I will not be available on the communication platform Whats Up, for the above reasons. 

I have always been and am a deep supporter of freedom and the law of free and uncensored communication. 

Unfortunately, 30 years after the "velvet revolution here in Czech Republic", we got into a similar situation as we were 30 years ago. 

We can't go where we want. We can't associate with whoever we want. We cannot do business freely. We cannot breathe freely. 

And someone claims the right to censor our lives. 

This is not my world. No thanks. 

I look forward to joint meetings on the SIGNAL and TELEGRAM platforms. 

Těším se na setkání s Vámi!

Pavel and My Journey®