I have decided for Body Detox. I read your brochure "Both in that Head and in that Diet". And I don't think I know what I'm going to eat? Will you help me ?


I had exactly the same feeling when I first met my nutritionist :-). 

Most people have the fixed idea and belief that they eat healthily. 

And after reading my brochure "Both in that head and in that diet", based on my personal experience during the process of my recovery from cancer, he finds out at first glance that the opposite is true. 

Massage by constant propaganda from all available media and gradual deterioration of the quality of our diet (not to mention the so-called fast food - rather junk food), we find that we gradually clog our body year after year with an incredible amount of toxins - various types of pollutants. 

The basic goal of my Detox is to rid our body of these harmful substances and especially pro-inflammatory substances that accumulate in our body. 

So to limit the supply of basic pro-inflammatory drugs, everything is explained in the section For you who want to know more. 

What I did - completely omitted or. fundamentally reduce to a minimum the immediate supply of all pro-inflammatory foods (100% will never work because different substances are found in different foods without our knowledge): 

 🚫 sugars 

 🚫 gluten 

 🚫 dairy products 

 🚫 genetically modified food (GMO) 

 🚫 alcohol

I based my diet on the following 6-angle health, all from farmers: 

 🛡 quality fresh vegetables - this is the complete basis, incl. vegetable juices :-) 

 🛡 quality fresh fruit - base No. 2, with a lower glucose content 

 🛡 strong broths - drawn 12+ hours 

 🛡 fish, freshwater and seaweed - the basis is salmon, ... 

 🛡 quality meat - more white eg turkey, sometimes quality red meat 

 🛡 healthy fats - greaves, bacon, avocado, coconut, extra virgin oils ... 

Adherence to the drinking regime is very important. 

I still have a big glass of lukewarm water with half a squeezed lemon every morning. I have the other half regularly in the afternoon with my favorite coffee. 

Dear Health Seekers, 

Don't forget that the basis of everything is always fresh and quality food = fish, meat, seafood, ie. quality animal protein, supplemented with healthy fats and quality carbohydrates in the form of vegetables and fruits. 

Please note that this is just a basic overview of this relatively complex issue. 

You can, of course, read more details in my brochure "Both in that head and in that diet". 

Everything supported and tried in my real life (more on My Story) Ended by spontaneous recovery from cancer. 

Without drugs and doctors. 

Regarding more questions and the composition of the diet at the time of your Detox - I am currently working with several nutritionists who have extensive experience with patients suffering from incurable diseases. 

I will be happy to recommend the best for you according to your request and your diagnosis. 

But don't forget that Cleansing - Body Detox is only the first, but at the same time very important step to your complete healing. 

Complete healing without the rest (Soul Detox, regular exercise, abundant sleep, relaxation, ...) will be very difficult. 

And don't forget that you have everything in your hands. 

Good luck !