Doctors gave me a few months to live. I want to go on My journey. I did not find the price list of your services anywhere on your website. Can you please tell me how much your advice will cost me?


That's right, there is no price list on the My Journey website and there will never be. 

Likewise, there are no ads from different companies. 

There is no price list because I do not charge any money for my services, such as basic information about My Journey, Telephone consultations, and My Travel Guides. 

All the information leading to my healing, as well as my "new life", I received from God, or let's call it, for example, from the space in which we live, life, from the Universe, the Higher Intelligence as a gift. 

I didn't pay him anything for him. 

That's why I don't charge any money for my advice, instructions, explanations and guides. 

They are invaluable. 

I leave it up to each of you to evaluate the value of your life. 

Most of you turn to My Way at a time when classical medicine has no way to help you. 

When he can only tell you that you have a few months of life left (in the best case). 

As I had 3 months left, so did I. 

I went through a lot of trips, which I sometimes had to pay dearly for. 

It was my choice. 

I didn't find anyone who could show me by living example that he doesn't have to die of cancer. 

And I searched for a long time. 

And so I really leave it up to each of you to decide from the bottom of your heart how he values ​​his next years close to his loved ones, wife, children, family. 

And he arranged himself accordingly. 

The path to complete healing is not short, it is full of humility, awareness, dissolution of the ego until then, powerfully influencing and controlling your life. 

It is simply a path for which a clear goal awaits you, and that is your complete healing (by no means a cure). 

You just have to listen to your heart. 

Sometimes it is difficult to explain to people that the true essence of healing is the right path. 

And the right guide from your experience on it together with you. 

I wish you the right decision. 

Everything is as it should be.